We preserve
the tradition

The strength of a product comes from different elements: quality of raw materials, guarantee of certifications, defense of the past and cultivation of the present.
Excellence is a result that can be achieved thanks to the passion, dedication and constant commitment to own work.
Minox is the company that produces drums and barrels for food, specific for the storage of liquids such as oil, wine, beer, milk and fruit juices, in addition to the kettles for catering. All Minox products are made in stainless steel and certified, respecting the most modern European criteria. Equipped with different accessories, they meet the various needs of the customer as well as ensuring maximum hygiene and the best preservation of food.

Innovation and

Born in the 70s, as a small artisan company that produces traditional olive oil drums, Minox immediately proved ready to face the challenges of the markets, playing on the ability to seize the opportunity.
This dual look, to the tradition and the innovation, at the end of the 90s has determined an expansion of the products range towards bigger tanks
and different use, allowing the compan to become, in the few years, an important player in the oil and oenological market both in the professional and hobby fields.

An increasingly
international breath.

The proactive attitude of the company has then led, in recent years, to start an important process of internationalization.
A great flexibility has always been a distinctive feature of our company and allows us to meet customer needs with the creation of tailored products and special projects.
The versatility peculiar to small companies, combined with the expertise of our technicians and consultative approach, represent the real added value that makes the difference in such a highly demanding and competitive market.

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