Painted electric leaf remover Tornado 3000

Painted TORNADO 3000 is the electric leaf remover in carbon steel, used by small and medium producers. Its forced ventilation operation allows to eliminate, in short time, leaves, twigs and other impurities from the olive harvest. Painted TORNADO 3000 is equipped with a protection grid, fan, air conveyor and electric speed variator. The speed variator allows you to adapt to many other products, such as legumes, hazelnuts, grains etc.
Painted Tornado 3000 is extremely easy to handle thanks to the two wheels.

CODE Motor Power Supply Voltage Minimum Speed Product Air Air be used Average production L/W H/H P/P
DEF20002 0.35 W 220-50 HZ 2600 2400 h 2400 h 2000/4000 100 100 60